Malcolm Turnbulls political judgement, Special Minister of State?

Mal Brough

In a press release issued today, Mr Graham Perrett made the following statement:  Special Minister of State is a particularly important portfolio having responsibility for key integrity agencies such as the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the Australian National Audit Office, the Australian Electoral Commission and administration of the parliamentary entitlements framework.  Mr Brough’s involvement in [the] Ashby ...

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I’ll tell you again, we stopped the boats, ‘comprendere’.

Tony Abbott

When Labor left office, unemployment was 5.8 per cent; it's now 6.3 per cent.  Growth was 2.5 per cent; it's now two per cent.  The Australian dollar was 92 cents; it's now around 70 cents.  The budget deficit was $30 billion when you took office and now it's $48 billion. I'm just wondering: why has ...

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Bishop’s, expense claim does not pass the ‘pub test’.


We have a budget emergency, Australia cannot afford snollygosters. Joe Hockey, “The poorest people either don't have cars or actually don't drive very far in many cases.”  Apparently this also applies to politicians? Joe Hockey, "Now, I'll give you one example: The change to fuel excise, the people that actually pay the most are higher income people, ...

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‘I thought it was quite – it was fun.’ Henderson? WTF!

Gerard Henderson

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast: 25/06/2015 Reporter: Emma Alberici Jonathan Holmes is a journalist and former host of ABC's Media Watch. Gerard Henderson is the Executive Director of the Sydney Institute.  They debated the state of free speech in Australia and spoke to Emma Alberici about the role of the ABC now, and into the future given the furore ...

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ABC’s reply to Abbotts Liberal Coalition Vitriol


Prime Minister Tony Abbott criticised the  Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) over allowing Zaky Mallah an Australia who has been charged, but found not guilty under Australia's anti-terrorism laws to appear on Q&A. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has launched a blistering attack on the ABC's Q&A program, asking "whose side are you on?" Mr. Abbott's  continued with his vitriol when ...

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Q & A, Abbott says ‘heads should roll’ you decide


You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing centre stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. Freedom is not just rhetoric and a three word slogans, it is a citizen exercising his right ...

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Tony Abbott, laugh with me it’s so funny?

Richard Abbott

Literacy of the 21st Century, its not a joking matter! Malcolm Turnbull 24/10/2014, “in the UK where last month the ICT curriculum was replaced with a new computing curriculum. Unsurprisingly, students as young as five and six are now receiving coding lessons.” Malcolm Turnbull (LIB), Minister for Communications , the man who Tony Abbott (LIB) Prime Minister ...

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My Trajectory : Finance Minister Mathias Cormann

M Cormann

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Reporter: Emma Alberici Small business, childcare and chasing tax from multi-nationals all feature prominently in the budget. Finance Minister Mathias Cormann joins Emma Alberici to sell the Government's plan. Transcript EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: Along with the Treasurer, the man who's been working hard behind the scenes to deliver tonight's Budget is Finance Minister Mathias Cormann. ...

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Alcoa Anglesea Power Station, lies and deception?

Alcoa Stack 8

Alcoa Anglesea Power Station gives 43 Million Kilograms of Sulphur Dioxide to the Anglesea Community in the 2013-2014 year.  This figure is up 4,000,000 kilograms from the previous period.  We are told this by the National Pollution Inventory (NPI), the information is supplied to the NPI by Alcoa Anglesea Power Station. EPA Victoria gives Alcoa ...

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Malcolm Fraser Prime Minister of Australia (1975–1983)

Mal Frasier

'Tony Abbott is a dangerous politician' 'whole party is very much on the extreme right' 'If anyone should resign, the Government should resign' 'He's just survived a near rebellion from his own backbench and he has demonstrated, since then that ... he has not changed; he has not learnt; he has behaved in the same bully-boy fashion, which ...

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Anglesea wakes to a smell, akin to burning rubber

Alcoa Black Death

Fire in redundant Anglesea coal mine fuels community concerns. Anglesea based community group Surf Coast Air Action (SCAA) says the occurrence of a further fire in the redundant Alcoa Anglesea coal mine is a wake-up call for Government and regulators and warrants a public inquiry into Alcoa’s management of the mine. “Residents woke to a strong acrid ...

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Alcoa impacts Anglesea, residents get a glimmer of hope

Alcoa's daily pollution

Coal pollution, impacted Anglesea residents may soon breathe easier. Anglesea based community group Surf Coast Air Action (SCAA) has welcomed today’s announcement that the current weak national sulphur dioxide (SO2) standards will be comprehensively reviewed and discussed by Federal and State Environment Ministers this Thursday. The announcement was made in a media release issued by local ...

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Fukushima, E.L.E.

Fukushima Radioactivity4

Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority said last week it feared the disaster was "in some respects" beyond Tepco's ability to cope.   This disaster on the  11 March 2011 is not over, radioactivity cannot be tamed, it cannot be made safe it just keep emitting radioactivity into the air and sea. The Pacific Ocean is dying. This  disaster is ...

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Aloca Anglesea Asbestos Dump

Alcoa Asbestos

Another little known toxic operation conducted by Alcoa Anglesea Power Station and Coal Mine; the operation of an asbestos landfill, in Anglesea.  It's 'safe' just what the Anglesea Residents wanted to hear?  This is an extract from Alcoa's Licence. EPA Victoria Environmental Licence No: EM32162 to Alcoa of Australia Limited. ENVIRONMENTAL LICENCE SCHEDULE  1B - PREMISES PLAN Asbestos landfill ...

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Alcoa Anglesea Australia, Air Emission, it’s NOT safe?

Alcoa's idea of giving to the Anglesea Community

Anglesea Power Station burns one of the most toxic forms of brown coal. It has a high sulphur content averaging 3.5%, which produces relatively high sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions via the existing chimney which falls to ground level in high concentrations.  What is even more immoral is that Alcoa is even allowed to burn Anglesea Coal ...

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Analysis of Alcoa Anglesea’s Environmental Licence

'must not be discharged beyond the boundaries'

Alcoa has a licence to operate a coal mine and power station in Anglesea. This licence is not just an operating permit but a permit to pollute.  Alcoa is unable to operate as a standalone business, it needs ongoing Government assistance via subsidies and sweetheart deals that Victorian Taxpayers fund. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS General conditions G1         ‘Waste from ...

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Henderson, ‘Tongue in cheek’

It's just the two of us

Sarah Henderson Federal (Liberal) Member for Corangamite 'Last Sunday, I was very pleased to hold a community listening post in Anglesea thanks to Angair. It was an important opportunity for local residents to discuss the importance of a strong, operative Renewable Energy Target and other environmental concerns. In Anglesea, one of the biggest issues is Aloca’s coal-fired power ...

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High cost of electricity, what the facts?

Fully maintained electricity conduit? Daa..

Why are electricity bills rising? Australia has had stable and competitive electricity prices by developed world standards so the rhetoric goes. Over the past four years the cost of electricity for households has risen on average by around 59 per cent nationally. This is largely because Australia's electricity networks, the power poles and wire that deliver electricity ...

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Terry Mulder, schooled, I got my educated, ‘300 years’?

Mulder 300 years

'Sections of the metropolitan network that had rail that had been there for some 300 years', Terry Mulder, Minister for Transport. Reworking Australian History, embarrassing. I got an educated!?

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The View of Australia from around the world

Wink, say no more

The laughing stock of the world, embarrassing Australians. My mouth is open, here comes my foot. Self explanatory, no comments please. The Liberal Parties best?

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AGL voices Anglesea health concerns in its decision

Paradise Interrupted

Major Australian energy company AGL Energy has ruled out buying Anglesea’s brown-coal power station, citing its negative effects upon the health and wellbeing of local residents. Alcoa announced plans to sell the mining lease and power station at Anglesea in February following its decision to close the Port Henry aluminium smelter. The Anglesea community has urged ...

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Mulder not interested in clean air for Anglesea?

Alcoa Shut it down

Surf Coast Air Action Media Release - 20 April 2014 On Easter Sunday Federal Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson joined in excess of 250 people at the Anglesea town hall to discuss the future of the Alcoa coal mine and power station. With the imminent closure of the Point Henry smelter in Geelong, Alcoa has announced its intention ...

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Anglesea River, ignorance is no excuse!

Anglesea river flooding over banks due to sandbar at river mouth

The Anglesea River estuary is part of the Anglesea catchment, a small catchment in south-west Victoria lying within the Otway basin. The Anglesea River is characterised by swampy tidal flood plains which are split by a ridge at the Great Ocean Road. The Victorian coast line is considered micro tidal with neap tides in the range ...

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Action must be taken to fix Anglesea River

John Madigan

Victorian DLP Senator John Madigan has called for immediate action on the Anglesea River, saying the ongoing repeated fish kills are impacting on tourism and local businesses. Senator Madigan said the river was a key to Anglesea's well-being, providing economic stimulus and recreational facilities for residents and regional, interstate and overseas tourists. "This is a problem that ...

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Alcoa to profit from Victorian (LIB) Governments stupidity?

Is this a healthy environment?

MEDIA RELEASE: Tuesday Feb 18, 2014 Surf Coast Air Action has for many years encouraged and supported both Alcoa and the State Government to invest in currently available pollution reduction technology to clean up the old and polluting Anglesea coal mine and power station while transitioning toward clean and safe energy options to enable the ongoing operation ...

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Fracking the coast!

Frack Free Geelong

Media release - 5 February 2013 A large zone of land, running from Highton to Anglesea, is currently under licence for gas exploration. On Saturday the 15th of February at 2pm, Frack Free Geelong, a community based group who are opposed to gas exploration and mining in the region, hope to bring attention to this issue ...

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If EPA Victoria is a dog, Alcoa Anglesea is the tail

Alcoa Emissions in Anglesea

Is the tail wagging the dog? Recent scientific analysis has uncovered disturbing results that the burning of brown coal in Anglesea is emitting elements that are hazardous to human life. A number of these elements are toxic at any level and pose a health hazard to humans. A number of   elements have been found in fly-ash ...

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Fracking coal seam gas!

Nicholson cartoons

6pm, Wednesday 13th November, 2013 Moriac Community Centre, Hendy Main Road, Moriac A free community information night looking at the threat of fracking and the Coal Seam Gas industry in Moriac will be held on Wednesday the 13th of November at the Moriac Community Centre. This meeting has been called in response to growing community concern within ...

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Alcoa Anglesea Discharges to Air & River, Disturbing

Acid River

The Alcoa Operations; the burning brown coal that has a high sulphur content averaging 3.5%, which produces relatively high sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions via the existing chimney including particulates.  Discharge of highly toxic elements via the air and water including Antimony, Beryllium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Silver, Thallium, Thorium, Tungsten and Uranium to mention a few that ...

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Gas drilling near the Surf Coast?

CSG Drilling

Many people around the world have seen the film ‘Gaslands’, which highlights the risks of unconventional gas drilling. The process of fracking brings the danger of ground water being contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Gas drilling will also create greenhouse gas emissions, direct physical impacts of building drill rigs, access roads and pipelines, and industrialisation of rural ...

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Alcoa says No to independent Pollution Monitoring, Why?


Media Release Wednesday 15th August, 2012 Anglesea Air Action criticise the State Government’s renewal and extension of the Anglesea Coal Mine without releasing the Alcoa Health Risk Assessment which, it has been revealed, has been on their files for years. “A request by Greg Barber MP (Greens Vic Parliament), was made to Freedom of Information for documents relating ...

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Anglesea Residents Reddened Complexion, Alcoa’s Profit

Anglesea Primary School Malodorousness

A Health Wise Study has found that we perceive people with rosier complexions as being healthier, and therefore more attractive however this reddened complexion may in fact be a reaction to absorption of toxic chemicals and the kidneys being functionally damaged and then unable to expel those substances. There are three primary routes of entry into ...

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Anglesea Residents Alarmed by Pollutants from Alcoa

Living the dream in Anglesea

Media Release Monday 30th July, 2012 Anglesea residents and medical doctors alarmed by pollutants from coal mine. “No level of safe exposure” “Anglesea Air Action welcomes the government’s announcement of financial support to ensure the longevity of jobs at Alcoa’s Point Henry’s smelter until 2014.  However, given the proven risks to the health of residents due to inhalation ...

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Neurotoxin Experiment in Anglesea?

Highly toxic emissions

A neurotoxin is a substance that damages, destroys or impairs the functioning of nerve tissue.  It is a silent killer; it does not differentiate between humans and wildlife, between the old and the young, the healthy and infirmed, the good and bad, Liberal or Labor. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin, particularly damaging to the development of ...

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Anglesea Primary School Children in the Playground

Nutrients for the children

Anglesea, where the bush meets the sea, kangaroos, wildflowers, beaches and surfing a great holiday destination where the river carries Alcoa’s variegated waters and the air is full of nutrients not found in pristine areas. Anglesea is so safe that the Victorian Government built the Anglesea Primary School and playground next to the Alcoa Anglesea Coal ...

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How to pollute Victoria’s food security

Friends of the Earth

MEDIA RELEASE Thursday 12 April Rural and Urban Alliance calls on State Government to ban new fossil fuel projects Victorian government wants more coal – the community wants farmland and clean water As Victoria faces a wave of exploration licences for coal seam gas (CSG), coal, and tight gas, there is growing opposition to this industry. “Community ...

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Alcoa Anglesea pollutes with Government help

Anglesea Mine Borehole

The Anglesea River, that’s Alcoa’s industrial sewer.  Shhhh! It’s natural trust me! Did you know that the streams that should be providing the Anglesea River flow have stopped flowing?   Salt Creek has not flowed for more than twelve months and Marshy Creek is bone dry as is every other tributary in the Anglesea River Basin. A curiosity ...

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Anglesea’s downfall is Alcoa’s windfall

Emissions Fresh

Alcoa has been paying about 2.5 cents a tonne for its coal and annual rent for the land at Anglesea is about $4500 for a 7000 hectare site. The Victorian Government the great negotiator on behalf of Victorians!   Wow, what a financial windfall, for Alcoa.   And yet. Alcoa’s Environment, Health and Safety Policy (EHS) states the ...

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Maher Anglesea River Review for the Liberal Government

Alcoa's river diversion

Professor William Maher in his review for the Victorian Government of the Anglesea River Water Quality was unable to turn  ‘heavy metals contamination into clean water’. Alcoa is licensed by the EPA (EM32162) to discharge various heavy metals including Aluminium, Iron, Zinc, and Boron into the Anglesea River.   Yet the review concluded that Aluminium toxicity is from ...

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Anglesea River Water Quality Review, Reviewed

River Stack

The Victorian Liberal Government, Department of Sustainability and Environment recently completed the Anglesea River Water Quality Review, looking for fish kill causes. It appointed Professor of Chemistry at Canberra, Mr. William Maher to produce the review, which has now been published. Sounds responsible, however let’s examine what took place. The terms of reference for the review were obviously designed ...

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Anglesea Power Station it’s safe, trust me? Alcoa

Emission viewing a growth industry

“Alcoa’s coal mine and power station has been part of the Anglesea community for over 40 years and is safe for the neighbouring community”, said the company’s State General Manager of manufacturing operations, John Osborne. In 1969 the Anglesea Powers Station was brought online and the toxic pollution began.  Alcoa has polluted over Anglesea for more ...

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Alcoa’s Pollution protected by EPA (Victoria)

Out precipation

Anglesea residents might expect the town’s river and air quality would be protected by the Offices of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).  However, no Water Discharge Limits apply to Alcoa’s Pollution of the Marshy Creek section of the Anglesea River. Alcoa’s EPA Waste Discharge Licence No EM32162 point 1.12 reads “State environment protection policy Waters of ...

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Anglesea residents take petition for clear air to Parliament

Going Home just following the signals

Media Release Tuesday 22nd November, 2011   Over 850 petition signatures calling for an independent study into the health impacts of a coal mine in Anglesea were presented by Greg Barber MLC to the Victorian State Parliament yesterday. The petition coincides with the State Government and Alcoa’s 50 year lease renewal and government legislation to modernise its Anglesea mining agreement. ...

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