Aluminium toxicity and the Anglesea Fish Kills reviewed

Wow, what a scoop. has acquired a copy of the Independent Expert’s report on the Anglesea Estuary waters and the emissions from the Anglesea Power Station stack.

Whilst  this is a comprehensive documentation, Anglesea News will break it down into a series of simplified topics for its readers in the future.  Curiously the long awaited Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) report on the fish kills has also been published.

As the Alcoa spokesman frequently refers to their EPA Waste Discharge License No. EM32162 it seems as good a starting point as any other.

How many in Anglesea are aware that the Anglesea Power Station dumps approximately 3,600,000 litres of polluted process water per day into the Anglesea River whereas the river’s natural flow for 24 hours is a mere 200,000 litres per day (or 5%)?

Another question that this raises is, if 95% of the Anglesea River water during non-rain periods is coming from Alcoa’s power station, is this why they haven’t denied killing the fish?   Mind you, Alcoa Anglesea Power Station didn’t have to do any denying because at least one politician and a bunch of overpaid bureaucrats are always eager and happy to do it for them.

Now some Newspapers appear to be interpreting the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) report as saying it exonerates Alcoa, which it does not.  Isn’t it peculiar that we imagine News Reporters as wordsmiths, but some are proving they cannot accurately read a report and prefer re-printing spin.

The Community Update May 2011 published by the Corangamite CMA, Surf Coast Shire and the Victorian Government states the following;  The Environment protection Authority (EPA) investigation into the recent fish death incident concluded that “The probable cause of the fish kills in Anglesea in September 2010 was a combination of pH stress, aluminium toxicity and suffocation through smothering of the gills by precipitated aluminium compounds.”   It also states, “The Aluminium compounds come from soils in the upper catchment.   It does not come from the Alcoa Power Station.” This is quite astounding that half-truth information can be passed off as the truth as a significant proportion of coal ash is Aluminium.

Let’s analysis this misinformation.   Alcoa has a Licence to discharge Aluminium at 5.5 mg/L into the Anglesea River and close to 95% of all the water dumped into the Anglesea River is from Alcoa. How is it possible for the Corangamite CMA, Surf Coast Shire and the Victorian Government to make such an inaccurate statement to mislead the general public that the aluminium toxicity does not come from Alcoa Anglesea Power Station?

This confuses me because I was under the impression the Corangamite CMA, Surf Coast Shire and the Victorian Government are the responsible authorities and the bureaucrats are paid to protect Anglesea residents, where as they actually protect the polluter.

Pardon me for wondering if our river is really Alcoa’s industrial sewer.

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